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Using a Steam Iron Instead of a Fabric Iron

unlike traditional fabric irons, steam irons like the tobi steamer use the heat and humidity to press wrinkles of fabric. these handy steam ironing machines, which also come in a portable version called the tobi travel steamer, employ water heated to a high temperature. the water becomes steam and when it is ejected out of the iron it becomes puffs of steams. when applied to clothing this smoothes out wrinkles in fabric.

steam ironing machines like the tobi steamer are excellent for making your garments look as professional as if you had taken them to a cleaner. steam ironing machines are also safe for almost any type of fabric or material so it is hard for you to make a mistake and scorch or burn the fabric like you could with a traditional fabric iron. steam cleaning rarely leaves marks on material unless the water inside the unit is contaminated or has a high mineral content. in that case you could end up with a white patch. that is why it is always recommended that you use what the professional garment cleaners use inside their irons. a professional garment cleaner would never use tap water inside a steam iron of any kind. only distilled water should be used in tobi steamers as well if you want the most professional effect possible.

many people wonder why they didn't switch sooner when they first switch from a regular fabric iron to a tobi steamer as the ease of use and professional results are noticeable immediately. there is also much less chance of an accidental injury or burn when you use a steamer. steam irons like the tobi steamer or the smaller tobi travel steamer pose much less risk to the user. this is because the mist ejected from the steamer cools down immediately after is sprayed out of the iron. the water is cooled almost immediately contact with the air. they pose almost no threat to the user at all. you could however hurt yourself if you decided to spray mist from a tobi steamer directly on your skin. to prevent this type of accident wear long sleeves when using a steamer and do not let your children play with the tobi steamer or tobi travel steamer.

the tobi steamer is almost identical to a professional garment steamer. these garment steamers come in all sizes and types for commercial operations but you can have the same kind of cleaning service in your very own home because the tobi steamer is very light weight and compact. the professional garment steamers are often ten times more expensive then these smaller personal steamers but you get the same results. when you use the tobi steamer you will find too that you are also able to pay attention to more personal details like kick pleats and plaquettes. as an added bonus you will notice that the steam cleaner also removes odor from fabric, which is a boon to people who collect vintage clothing or who are unpacking winter, clothing that has been stored in an attic all winter. the tobi steamer can remove odors from clothing immediately. one thing you should never do however is add some kind of perfume or scent to the steamer water as you could clog up the vents in the tobi steamer as well as cause staining on your clothing.

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